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You cannot comprehend something if you cannot create it and give it life.

Together, working on projects from start to finish, designers and developers are able to create more creative design solutions and rapidly and confidently bring ideas to life.

Our App Development Services

Internet of Things

We are aware of every method you can use to bring your Internet of Things (IoT) product idea to life and connect to any device, including sensors, wifi, Bluetooth, and wearable technology.


We are prepared to work on your mobile app development project because we have five years of experience creating cutting-edge, captivating, Internet of Things (IoT) compatible mobile applications. Bring your linked products and ideas to life by allowing us to impart our knowledge and experience to you.


Our talented in-house app developers in Montreal and Toronto have expertise creating high-quality digital products and are specialists in IoT app development. The chances for mobile app developers to innovate are limitless because so many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are adjusting and developing IoT-friendly products.


Apple Watch, Bluetooth, RFID, sensors, Raspberry Pi, beacons—you name it—we are familiar with all the technologies that can be used to realise your idea.

Augmented Reality

When it comes to creating smartphone apps, augmented reality has opened several options for everything from games to simulations.


Several businesses have been using this technology to differentiate themselves from the competition, engage people, and create incredibly dynamic marketing experiences through mobile apps since the Pokémon Go craze first made it popular.


You can imitate product or training experiences, add virtual adventures to your marketing stunt, or create real-world encounters by integrating AR into your digital offering. Use our AR app developers in Montreal or Toronto to improve the user experience of your product by incorporating an AR/VR engagement element through a mobile app.


We enjoy working with Beacon as a mobile app development business. The creation of beacon apps will revolutionize how businesses, organizations, transit systems, and educational institutions interact with people indoors. We think there are countless applications for our local, real-time targeting technology.


Retailers are the first major market for beacons, using them to distribute in-store coupons to customers’ smartphones and collect data for customised loyalty programmes and advertising campaigns. In order to make payment simple, they can also set off an automated payment when a person leaves a particular spot.


Beacons are widely utilized in airports, railway stations, and urban transportation hubs to notify travelers of delays, changes, and weather conditions. They are also used during music and sporting events to provide information, direct people to complementary content, and promote purchases.

Web Apps


We can develop web applications or expand your mobile digital product to the web to reach a larger audience of users and maybe more customers. We will design, develop, and deliver user-friendly and fully working web apps and websites for any sector thanks to the expertise of our team of mobile app developers and designers.


We have experience creating web and mobile applications that work across platforms. No matter if it’s an iOS or Android device, we make sure the web app provides an experience that’s similar to that of the mobile version.


Our team of app developers from Montreal and Toronto is proficient in a wide range of programming languages to make sure we are coming up with the best solution for your project. The majority of our projects make use of tools like React, Angular JS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, and Mongo DB to produce web applications that are fully functional and offer a top-notch user experience. As a technology-agnostic app development company, we’ll use the best web app programming language for your objective.

Mobile & Web App Programming Languages

We have everything you need to innovate faster and lead your industry.



Node Js


Mongo DB

Ruby on Rails

Java Script


App Features

You benefit from our cutting-edge knowledge and cumulative experience with Android and iOS when you work with us.

User Account

Email Login

Management systems for user sign-ups, sign-ins, forgotten passwords, and existing accounts.

Facebook Login

Integration of the Facebook SDK to streamline account creation, picture, age, interests, and so on.

Twitter Login

Users can easily create an account without having to share any personal information. It’s a one-button connection.

Phone Number Login

User registration via phone number, followed by SMS verification. Fast and dependable for transactional apps.

Google Login

Quick connection through the user’s Google account. Make use of Google APIs and tools.


Sign In With Apple

Quick connection through the user’s iPhone account.



Chat with other users, one-on-one or one-to-many. Push notifications and instant refresh are linked.

Push Notifications

Push notifications sent to users based on app events and user actions.

In-app purchase

Model of high quality. Users can unlock specific features with a one-time in-app purchase or a monthly subscription.

Credit Card Payments

Payment processor integration for charging clients. Implementation of a single payment or subscription model.


Simple application slide system for informing users about the core features and goals of the application.


Inside the apps, you can perform dynamic searches on content, users, or events.

Content Feed

Access to a content feed, as well as the ability to share it both within and outside the app.


Following / Follower

The ability for users to follow and be followed by other users.


User Match

Essential for Uber-style apps. Geolocation, date, and time are used to match service providers in the app.

App Analytics

User behavior tracking in apps. The indicator of user engagement.


API Connections

External APIs are used to feed content into the applications.



Bluetooth BLE technology is used to integrate IoT devices.


Offline mode management in app navigation.



Allows app usage to be limited to users in a specific location. The target area is defined using the radius and polygon methods.


Continuous detection of user location and app behaviour in a given area.


Map Display

Pin management on the map and point clustering for high content volume.

Google Places API

Instant, automatic address input (similar to Uber), allowing users to find a specific location quickly.


The Mapbox SDK has been integrated. Map customization. Implementation of turn-by-turn navigation in the app.



Bring users to a map at a specific location and/or use the app to initiate turn-by-turn directions.