Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Use interactive AR content to enhance your story or sell your brand. Create a one-of-a-kind experience and persuade with stunning 3D content.

Applications Of AR

Experience with Augmented Reality (marketing)


Social, web, or app-based 3D experiences that are enjoyable and memorable. For campaigns, occasions, and on-site.

Convince with 

Augmented Reality (sales)


Consider and set up your products to have a lower barrier for sales, a higher conversion rate, and fewer returns.

Augmented Reality Experience

For an engaging brand experience during events, product launches, and marketing campaigns, use augmented reality.

AR Campagnes

Employ augmented reality (AR) in your campaigns to give your communication a new level. During loyalty campaigns, product promotions, or print advertising, add digital material to your conventional medium.

Use filters, games, and other interactive material for a highly shared brand experience. By using AR on the web, social media, or in your own application, you can widen your audience.


Star Wars


a pack of 63 playing cards with holograms, depth effects, and puzzles that bring characters like Rey, Boba Fett, and C-3PO to life. a huge hit, receiving hundreds of thousands of online views.




You play a game where you slide over the slip’n side as quickly as you can, based on the TV commercial. Several people played the game and posted about it on social media.

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AR Events

Use augmented reality in real-world areas for entertainment, city marketing, scavenger hunts, or to depict the past or the future.

As a result, dynamic and digital content is added to fixed, physical sites to enhance the experience.


Dutch Coin

Visualizing pieces of art with WebAR enhanced the release of a special coin with the Herman brood theme. Throughout the campaign, everyone was able to purchase the commemorative coin and hang a real “Brood” in their home.


A virtual reality map that guests to Floriade 2022 can engage with. Use this AR maquette to explore the site’s future.

AR On Location

Employ augmented reality to portray the past or the future, for entertainment, city marketing, or scavenger hunts. For an added level of immersion, static, physical sites are enhanced with dynamic and digital content.



By displaying construction plans on-site, the tool adds a new level to environmental communication. The device locates the 3D building exactly where the project is by scanning the QR code.


Castle Zuylen

In this interactive application, learn about Slot Zuylen’s past and well-kept mysteries. Consider several 3D models both inside and outside the castle.


Augmented Reality E-commerce & Sales

Products are increasingly being viewed in the customer’s environment or in three dimensions. The buyer may then see right away if the product meets their expectations.


AR E-commerce

The target audience will comprehend more clearly thanks to the use of augmented reality during sales. Display the features visually or let the user set it up on their own. A lower threshold, higher conversion, and fewer returns are all guaranteed by AR.



We developed an AR application for Dekker Zevenhuizen that allows users to visualise and customise kitchen faucets and surfaces.



Using WebAR and the Internet, you can see Wickey play equipment in your own backyard. Take your children to the pre-fun and check to see if the unit fits right away.


AR Sales

You carry the entire product line in your back pocket. Use augmented reality product visualizations to streamline and enhance your sales process. Show your items’ features and functionality to customers right away, wherever they are.



Via a mobile application, internet, or social media, augmented reality can be used in a variety of ways. Conceptualization, conception, development, and, if necessary, hosting are the costs associated with augmented reality.



Instagram and Facebook provide direct access to the new Fitbit. Insert the packing to see the item come to life in three dimensions. See the Fitbit from every angle, pick your favourite colour, and post your preferred setup on social media.


Technology & Costs

Via a mobile application, internet, or social media, augmented reality can be used in a variety of ways. Costs associated with augmented reality include concept development, creation, hosting, and maybe other expenses.


social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. For social apps, a typical number of features and a large share factor.


Cost: € 5.000 + € 7.500

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks


Content is accessible from any smartphone’s browser. restricted design and fewer features. Minimal entrance barrier and broad reach.


Cost: € 7.500 – € 10.000
Lead Time: 6 -8 weeks


most options and design features. All devices are supported and may be downloaded through the app stores.




Cost: € 15.000 +

Lead Time: 12 – 14 weeks

Our Augmented Reality Agency

an interdisciplinary group with approximately 7 years of augmented reality business expertise. We have everything in-house, from design to execution, and are based in Utrecht.

In the arena of expertise, creativity, and technology, we create value. For global startups, small businesses, and multinational corporations.