We’re a team of award-winning film-makers, producers, technologists and developers.
AR and VR development Projects in Canada

Our Team Rules

The common goal of everyone at Visualize is to push the limits of what is possible with immersive entertainment.

No. 01

The Real Deal

Technology is no longer a barrier to VR and AR. A new era has begun that promises to enhance the work with remarkable realism, beauty, and interactivity.


We have created more immersive content than any other agency in Europe, so we are in the unique position of advising others on what it takes to turn the promise of VR and AR into the kind of material that will astound viewers.


Our clients may push the limits of immersive content with the least amount of risk thanks to our unmatched level of experience in creating these projects. Learn more about our method and the people we’ve aided in achieving their objectives by reading on.

No. 02

VIP Workflow

Since our founding in 2013, we have solidly established a procedure for creating and editing immersive content. 


A project runs through these processes in the studio, with thorough review points and feedback loops.


With this cutting-edge material, a good workflow is essential when rendering times and app approvals are so lengthy and project turnarounds are generally fast.

No. 03

100% Immersive

We are a production company with a special focus on immersive content. This means that we are aware of the particular intricacies involved in converting stories into successful AR and VR experiences.


Whether you need a live-action 360° video, a fully interactive VR experience, an augmented reality adventure, or everything in between, we can realize your idea thanks to our unmatched skill set in every area of production.

No. 04


We understand that the AR, VR, and MR ecosystem is continually evolving, and we must be able to do so. As a result, we devote a significant portion of our time to R&D initiatives. This has led to a strong competence in innovative 3D 360 production techniques, ambisonic audio collection and stabilisation in VR, and sophisticated tracking and occlusion approaches in AR.

No. 05


With Sennheiser, SGO, the Mill, Samsung, Google, and many more significant players, we have strong industry ties. These connections are essential not only for the finest manufacturing outcomes but also for maximizing delivery.

What We Do

Augmented Reality (AR

Digital content can be integrated into the physical world via augmented reality (AR). Virtual Reality, however, eliminates the spectator...

Virtual Reality (VR)

In a way that is unmatched in any other medium, virtual reality (VR) transfers your audience to different locations, situations, or experiences.

360° Video production

Since the beginning of Visualize, 360 has been one of the most potent content formats ever produced.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality (MR) is essentially head-mounted or "worn" augmented reality. There are numerous various definitions...

Metaverse Consultation

The concept of the "metaverse," which is a means of describing an additional reality we may...

Interactive Web Experiences

We use cutting-edge web technologies to bring places and moments online, from interactive car showrooms to virtual tours. Three.js, PlayCanvas, and so on.